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Crossing The Dark Side - 9 Twisted Tales

Crossing The Dark Side - 9 Twisted Tales

Crossing The Dark Side
9 Twisted Tales.

Come and cross the dark side with these 9 twisted tales. From ghosts, tricky genie’s, the cursed, creepy little dolls, and even the devil himself. These twisted tales will stay with you, and may even creep into your dreams…
Follow Claire to the haunted forest, How will this trip change her life forever? Find out what happens to Kevin, in his terrifying ordeal. Does he get what he deserves? Follow all 9 characters as they cross the dark side.

Dominating Kayla

Dominating Kayla - Erotic Romance book cover

Dominating Kayla, Erotic Romance

Ranch owner Brent Jackson longs for a soul mate willing to obey him as an alpha male – submissive relationship. But he still holds on to the heartbreak of betrayal of his ex-fiance and ranch manager. How can he let go of the pain of his past to hold on to the love of his future?

Cosmetologist Kayla Barnes dreams of finding the love of her life, and alpha male, and opening her own styling salon. But her feisty attitude, her friend with benefits, and her controlling father stand in the way. How can she overcome and make all her dreams come true?

Daily Planner

Daily Planner

Daily Planner
8.5 x 11 Inch, 120 pages. An un-dated daily planner, with a place to record meals, water, and a place for notes. An easy way to stay organized.

Self-Care Journal

self-care journal

Butterfly-Themed Self-Care Journal.
6×9 inches, 134 Pages. Daily prompts.
Self-care is about restoring your own energy. It promotes healthy physical and emotional well-being. When you take steps to take care of yourself, you are better prepared to live your best life.

Self-care is necessary. If you are not taking care of yourself, it can lead to depression, stress, and being overwhelmed and Ill-equipped to handle what life throws at you.

Some people view self-care as being selfish. When you take care of yourself, you are actually taking care of others. How can you take care of others if you are not physically and mentally healthy yourself? Love yourself first. There are five areas in self-care. Emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and social.

  • 6 × 9 inch
  • 134 pages
  • Daily, day, and night prompts
  • Glossy cover
  • covers all 5 areas of self-care
  • Helps build self-esteem
  • Aids in self-discovery

My Recipe Journal

My Recipe Journal

My Recipe Journal.
This is a blank recipe book to write your recipes in to keep them organized and easy to find and share. Makes a great gift for anyone in your life that loves to cook. It has a glossy finish, which allows for easy clean up if something is spilled on it.
8.5 × 11 inch, 130 pages. Recipe page has: Recipe name, difficulty, rating, prep-time, cook-time, ingrdient list, and room for notes.

  • Has a ‘This page belongs to’ page
  • Table of contents
  • 120 recipe pages
  • An extra 4 pages in the back of the book for more notes

ADHD Behavior & Medicine Tracker

ADHD Behavior & Medicine Tracker

ADHD Behavior & Medicine Tracker
Smiley-themed ADHD behavior & medicine tracker

6×9 inch, 120 Pages. Has a place for the date and day of the week. Daily goals and mood section. Behavior section and medicine section. A great way to keep organized. Great for use at home or school.

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