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“Hey, it’s me. Is anyone home?”

I stepped in the door and didn’t see anyone. Laying the check from my mom for some sex toy party my aunt had over the weekend on the kitchen counter. I heard moans from the back bedroom, sneaking down the hallway. The door was cracked open, and I peeked in, not believing what I was seeing.

Uncle Stan had a vibrator held tight against Angie’s cunt as she writhed and hunched her pelvis against it. She screamed as she came, her juices shooting from her pussy like a fountain.

I’ve never seen a woman spray like that in person, just in videos. Thinking the videos were faked, but this wasn’t faked. My cock was rock hard watching her orgasm…

I followed the map as he told me to. He said it wouldn’t take too long to get there, and he was right. Soon, I see the turn off ahead, and my excitement grows. It’s a hot summer day, but I notice the clouds gathering on the horizon. It’s going to rain soon.

I slow down as the car gets closer to the place he told me about. I recognized it from the way he described it over the phone. It’s a nice, quiet place, with tall green grass beneath the trees. I pull over and stop the car, eager to get out and look around. I’m not wearing too much, just a short white silky skirt barely covering my tanned ass, and a thin white top revealing my shoulders and half of my back. I have a pair of kinky lace thongs hidden under the skirt. I just know he’s going to be more than happy with the view…

Zack’s powerful thrusts grew more punishing and erratic, each monumental snap of his hips burying that magnificent cock to the soul-splitting hilt. My shrill cries echoed wantonly off the walls with every merciless impalement, my entire body jolting and quaking from the sheer force.

“Fuuuck…that tight little wife cunt was just made to get ruined on a real man’s cock, wasn’t it?” the stud snarled against the fevered skin of my neck between harsh grunts of exertion. Sweat-slicked muscles rippled and flexed powerfully with each crushing thrust, making my inner walls flare and convulse around his relentless invasion.

I could only whimper and moan in delirious response, so deliriously overwhelmed by the ferocious onslaught. Every raw plunge of that girthy erection inside me seemed to reach new uncharted depths — viciously stretching and spreading until I felt like I was going to split apart at the seams…

My God, Megan was hot! She made my cock twitch when I saw her.

She was standing at the coffin with her brother, Matt. We’ve been best friends since grade school. I haven’t seen him in 5 years. We tried to attend the same college, but it didn’t work out.

I stood by Matt, putting my arm around his shoulder. Megan looked at me and smiled. Her beautiful dark blue eyes caught mine, smiling back. I was stunned at how hot she was. With her being 2 grades behind me, I never paid attention to her growing up. I figured she was too young, but her age doesn’t make a damn difference now.

I would have her before I leave. She will be mine…

That was enough for a break, so I knelt right behind Tina again and pushed my cock deep into her asshole again with a vigorous thrust. A deep sigh came from inside her, like the growl of a hungry lioness as I pushed very deep, all the way to the base. Holding my cock deep in her rectum, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Tina’s eyes locked onto mine, and she grunted in response to the deep thrusts.

Pulling away from her asshole again, I leaned over her and close to her sweaty face, and spat on the red ball gag in her mouth. My saliva dripped down the plastic ball and onto my gift’s lips. This made Tina start to gasp violently, proving again that my girlfriend’s letter was true. This kind of humiliation really turned her on…

Holding me by the waist, you lower me back, laying me down, placing my head softly on the tiles. Your hand strokes beneath me down my spine, down my hips, along my thighs. You spread them apart, and as you put your mouth on my pussy, I grab the back of your head while you grab each side of my thighs and feast on me.

Everything is just a little fuzzy as I gently start to open my eyes. I turned to look ahead at myself in the mirror and caught a glance of you staring at me. You gather my hair and hold it piled on top of my head. My throat and neck are covered in a ring of bruises. A reminder of only a few hours ago when you fucked me so hard. So ridiculously hard, and so deep inside that there was a moment, I didn’t think I could let you go.

You kiss my tender neck carefully as you look at my reflection. Our passionate work of art around my throat. As you pull my face softly to yours, you let my hair fall from between your fingers and push it away from my face. The way you kiss my top lips so gently, and the way you drag your attention to the bottom. Sucking it even more lightly. I kiss you back, throw my arms around you in a quick embrace, and watch you begin to get ready around me as I drift off again…

She said she was pleasantly surprised, and she saw my big cock start coming out of my shorts. As she stroked me, she promised that she would come back again soon and show me how well it fit in a woman’s pussy.

It was summer in Miami, and I was wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts that were not exceptionally long in the leg, but long enough to hide my cock. It was swinging around inside the shorts as I walked to the admissions office. The rubbing of the light material against it was starting to get me excited. By the time I reached the office, I saw a very sexy woman behind the desk. She looked up when I walked in, and her eyes went directly to my crotch. I knew she was looking at my cock, which made me even bigger and longer.

I told her what I was there for, and as she listened, she leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. When she did, I could see her stocking tops and garter straps. This got me even more excited until my cock was sticking out of the bottom of my shorts. She was staring at it, and then looked up at me and licked her lips. I moved so that more of my cock was sticking out and there was more still in my shorts…

The rhythmic thrum of the bassline from the club speakers seemed to reverberate through my very bones as I nursed my cosmo at the dimly lit bar. A bead of condensation trickled down the side, leaving a glistening trail that my eyes followed with unfocused haziness.

I wasn’t normally one for nights out like this without John. But tonight felt different. Charged with an undercurrent of restlessness and unrealized cravings that had steadily built up over weeks of his working late and his neglect of my desires.

As if on cue, a figure slid onto the open bar stool beside me. Even through my peripheral vision, I could tell he moved with an easy, assured grace — the kind of casual confidence that could only come from being undeniably attractive…

“Well hello there, tall dark and handsome…” I said in what I hoped was a sultry tone as I sidled up to the chiseled Greek god of a man, giving my hair an artful toss over my shoulder. Up close, the sheer physical presence of him was even more dizzying — all carved muscle and heated masculine musk that seemed to envelop me like an aphrodisiac force field.

Those molten hazel eyes dragged up the length of me in an overtly hungry appraisal, not even attempting to disguise the naked want blazing behind them. When that smoldering gaze finally met mine, the corner of the stud’s lips quirked in a rakish half-smile that somehow combined casual ease with the wickedest of promises.

“Why, hello yourself, gorgeous. Fancy meetin’ a little blonde bombshell like you in a place like this,” he rumbled in a rich baritone that seemed to vibrate straight to my throbbing core. The lazy Texan drawl, in his words, only amplified the knee-weakening effect. “Though I gotta say, from the reckless flirting you’ve been aiming my way all night, I had a feeling you were fixin’ to mosey on over and make my evening.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him all night — the tall, broad-shouldered stranger nursing a whiskey at the end of the dimly lit hotel bar. There was just something so magnetic about his raw, masculine presence that made my skin prickle with an enticing mixture of nerves and guilty arousal.

God, what was wrong with me? Here I was on a romantic weekend getaway with Daniel, my sweet and devoted husband of twelve years, yet my mind kept wandering to brazen fantasies about that smoldering, mysterious man.

Was it the way his powerful forearms flexed as he slowly rotated the glass between calloused fingers? Or those slim runway model looks juxtaposed against the rough, craggy edges of his chiseled jawline and five o’clock shadow? Maybe it was the casual confidence he exuded — leaning back on his stool, utterly at ease amidst the low lighting and clinking background din of the upscale lounge…

Jason was reading the newspaper when the phone rang.



“Jason, it’s Nick, next door. Samantha and I are going to our new house on the Eastern Shore. We are inviting a couple of our neighbors and thought you might want to come out for the weekend. Samantha asked Riley, who lives down the street, to come, as well.”

Jason immediately accepted the invitation, then got the details for the getaway. This should be interesting, he thought… 

“Yes, there is a way to kill them, but it’s dangerous, and if we fail, she will suck us dry.”

“To kill her and be free to be together will be worth the risk. So how will we do it?”

“We’ll have to work quickly. She’s having a party tonight and invited 5 men for an orgy, her own personal buffet.”

Olga entered the room dressed to kill in red lingerie and gold silk wrap draped around her petite waist. Firm breasts heaved from her bra, golden hair cascaded down her back, and her eyes black as suet…

My mouth turns to your growing hardness below me. I look up at you seductively as I lick the fabric covering your bulge. As I caress your upper thighs, I graze higher with my fingernail tips against your crotch…


I picked you up at your place early in the morning, wanting to make it to the cabin by lunch time if we could. We threw your bags in the back of my truck and headed out immediately.

You were still sleepy, so you laid your head down on my lap and snoozed as I drove to the woods. We had been planning this trip for a long time, both of us wanting to get away from all the responsibilities of home and work. My job kept me away from home more often then not, and so our intimacy had grown, but only through the phone. This trip was our chance to live the dreams we had only spoken about before…

I could hardly keep the giddy smile off my face as John and I checked into the fancy downtown hotel for his week-long corporate conference. We were in unfamiliar territory far from home, which always made the thrill of my hot wife adventures that much more deliciously naughty.

“You seem chipper,” John murmured with an amused raise of his eyebrow as the bellhop dropped off our luggage. “Already scoping out some hot young stud to cuckold me with this week, you naughty minx?”

Giving him a playful swat on the arm, I leaned in to plant a teasing kiss on his lips. “Well, I certainly didn’t pack all those sexy little nighties just for your eyes only, handsome.”

Then she got between his legs and teased him by flicking the head of his cock with her tongue and licking the back side, making his cock jerk and jump. Finally wrapping her mouth around his cock, it wasn’t long before every inch disappeared down her throat.

A few years back, me and my wife discussed trying something different. We wanted to have a threesome with another straight man. Out of all my friends, Kyle was the only one who thought a lot like I did and thought of it as sexual fun and not anything more. I let Carly, my wife, make that decision…

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