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This makes him throw me back under him, and he does the same to me. With me basically immobilized by this motion, the last of our clothing disappears to the floor, and I started bobbing on his dick.

We met through a very unromantic gateway, but hit it off by messaging one another. The next thing I knew, I had given him my phone number, and we began texting left and right. I felt joy and excitement in sharing information about myself while he shared details about himself with me.

His name was Nathan. He loved spooky things, theme parks, and was a country boy. Which has led to many friendly disagreements over our time together, considering I’m a city boy through and through…

Despite her lack of beauty, Kitty is extremely sexy. When she goes to work, she likes to wear short skirt suits, thin silk shirts, colorful stockings, and high heels.

She has always represented my sexuality — an object of fantasy — thanks to her pair of large 38E breasts, and the fact that the three buttons on the collar of her shirt never get pressed.

Kitty often wears low-cut see-through skirts, because she seems aware that I want to play with her large breasts.

This makes it easy for me to see what kind of bra she is wearing. Kitty frequently wears bra’s of delicate materials…

As we face each other laying on the grass, Grayson pulled up his top to reveal his cock. This time it seemed even more beautiful and bigger. I moved down so my head was level with his groin area.

It was around 1995, give or take a year, when Grayson first moved in next door. I came to know soon enough that he had relocated from up north a good distance away. I never knew how or why he came to end up living next door to me, but what I did know was looking back on that time in my life, I was happy he did.

Grayson was the same age as me. In fact, he was about a month younger. He was stockier than me, in fact I was always referred to as skinny during my teenage years. He was broad, well-stocked, not fat, just well-proportioned in all areas. As soon as he moved in with his parents and an older brother, I cannot recall how, but we became introduced…

That evening, I arranged for him to come after me. I wore white suspenders, a strapless bra, and red shorts that made my backside stick out a bit.

I called him, and after 10 minutes he showed up, we pulled up to a place with a ton of vegetation.

The moment I appeared, I walked towards him so that the lights of his vehicle would illuminate me, and he could perceive how provocatively I was dressed…

My wife got the funniest look on her face. Enigmatic is maybe the better word. I could tell she was off in a memory somewhere and would have to remerge before she could talk to me. It never took long, but that was her way. I can tell when it happens, because her eyes lose focus and she looks off into space. Then, when she looks back at me and her eyes refocus, she is again in the present with me.

Just then, the buzzer on the stove went off. Dinner was ready. She set about putting it on the table. My Megan is an excellent cook. Much better than I am, but I help out by doing all the dishes every night and cleaning up the kitchen after we eat.

By the time I had the kitchen cleaned and dishes done, she watched her favorite TV show. I had forgotten about my unanswered question…

Single and living in a new town without your usual network of friends and relatives can be difficult at first, but my new neighbor helped change all that. My name is Joye, and I am an independent IT specialist working at my Home Office. I moved from Nashville to a rural county subdivision nearby with my fiancée, but shortly after the move he got cold feet about the whole marriage thing, and we went our separate ways.

I remained in the area and purchased a small house with an in-ground pool in a quiet rural subdivision. Not far from the major stores, but a car is a must to get anywhere. I’m still living, single and surviving. That was six months ago. I’m thirty-five years old, have never been married, and have no kids. Financially, I am doing well with a nice little business going, and I enjoy my work…

He felt like a giant against my chest.


As I sucked on his head and stroked him into my mouth, I thought, there is no way this is going to fit inside of me.

The thing was, I already knew it could, at least when we were eighteen year olds, long before he became a professor. This was the first time we were alone since then, as we had seen each only in passing with colleagues.

He held my hips as I sat back into his lap, giving him a kind of lap-dance as I grinded on his cock. I made sure we were both good and wet, before sliding him between my folds, parting me open as he penetrated me to his hilt…

We walked into the Corte Inglés Duque in Seville. We ate in a little place on Alfonso XII street, I can’t remember now how high up.

I only realized Patricia was upset because we had left a ten euro tip for the waiter who served us — I don’t remember her face for a moment.

I commented on a pretext to minimize the significance of the act and to try to keep Patricia from getting angry.

We stopped talking as we walked backward like a Japanese couple because we failed.

She was in front, I was ten feet behind. It was no impractical idea, her posterior was moving left and right as we walked briskly, and it was a funny and selfish sight, to be sure…

Their sex-cape gets harder as feelings get involved.


Hannah looked down at Veronica, who slept soundlessly. She slowly slid her into her clothes before she left. The world around her was spinning from those three words. ‘She loves me, or was that due to the act?’ she thought as she left the house. She bit her lip as the statement filled her heart and mind with a new sense of uncertainty. Her heart fluttered as she remembered the words that came from her. She wanted to say it too, but something stopped her.

She looked down at her hands when she got to her room. They held her, are they what she loved? The way she touched her. Hannah shook her head as she neglected that thought. There had to be something more. Veronica must mean something more. Did she have feelings for her? She sat in her chair as the question repeated itself. She bit her lip at each answer she came up with. Each one sent her heart beating faster. She so wanted to love her, but there was too much in their way. She laid in her bed and looked at the house through her window. The tears started to form in her eyes…

Mark from work was always quiet.


As he was seated by his desk, typing away another set of Excel sheets and crunching numbers, it almost seemed like he didn’t exist — yet people could count on him when they needed help, because he would promptly give them a hand.

Still, by the time five rolled around, he’d get up and leave, wishing everybody a good night, but no one knew exactly how his life was outside the office.

I’m sure everybody was curious, but the guy was so nice, no one wanted to be nosy enough to ask anything.

But, you see, I found out the truth about Mark…

As I entered the hallway spotlight, I saw a note that said: pivot, take off your clothes, and put on this shower robe. My face was shocked and I even giggled, yet I started to take off my clothes and put on the white wrap that held the rack tightly, when unexpectedly someone behind me blindfolded me with a delicate dark-colored cloth.

He led me across the passage until he stopped. I heard a door open, and then he pulled the gauze off me.

I was surprised to find myself in the bathroom, candles lit, rose petals everywhere, and the scent of my favorite incense faintly present.

When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I noticed another note that read “I love you” with red lipstick…

At that time, I was acting as the store’s right-hand man, and on numerous evenings my crush Selena would accompany her companions, of which the one that caught my attention the most was Erika. She was 5’8″, a size 90 bust, and a heavenly messenger face loaded with polka dots or more, each with a wavy brunette mane. She and I usually made sexual jokes. Selena didn’t bat an eye, claiming Erika was possibly one of her closest companions, and she preferred we got along so well.

When I arrived, on a Friday night, they had a botellón in an open field near the train tracks.

Half the people were drunk, and the other half were drinking their fill. Selena and her friends Erika and Mamen were laughing their heads off…

“Not now,” Todd shook his head, and pointed at his laptop. “I’m in the middle of this report. It’s due tomorrow.”

“Oh, come on,” I said. “Nobody’s here. Your office’s been closed for an hour. We’ve never messed up your desk.” I waggled my brows.

His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I don’t want to get caught.”

Have you ever heard of a guy turning down sex?

Sheesh. I unbuttoned my blouse and showed him the new red lace bra. I cupped my breasts and plumped them together. “Don’t you want to see the rest?”

“Brianna.” Todd sighed. “I appreciate the surprise visit, but I don’t have time for your craziness.”

Ms. Franklin was one of the hottest older women I had ever seen in my life. She was in her mid-40s and had an amazing body. She had big boobs and a curvy waist. Her long brown hair always outlined her face and made her even more beautiful.

“What is he doing?!” Jade said with a laugh.

I laughed and shook my head. “Jim Carrey is ridiculous!”


Jade and I were cuddled up on the couch at her mother’s house. It was a late Saturday afternoon, and we watched Liar Liar. Jade had never seen the movie before, and it was one of my favorites, so I suggested we watch it. My girlfriend could not stop laughing at Jim Carrey’s hilarious antics. They were so wild and over the top.

“Oh my god! Look at him!” Jade laughed..,.

Even as his merciless grip guided my head in languid bobs along his impressive length, I could feel the acute tension rapidly reaching a fever pitch. His abdomen clenched and released in strained ripples as guttural growls rumbled from deep within.

“Going to make this greedy little cum dump work for her prize,” he rasped through gritted teeth, forcing me to swallow him to the very root until my eyes watered. “Drain every last drop straight down that slutty gullet of yours…”

The perverse command, combined with the salty muskiness overwhelming my senses, triggered a powerful ache of yearning from somewhere primal within me. With wanton whimpers, I surrendered fully to the savage cadence — caring only for bringing him over the exquisite edge through my sordid services…

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