Laura Knapke

Laura Knapke (LK)

Published Author, Writer on Medium, and Owner of Erotic Desires Publication. I write horror, twisted tales, steamy romance, and erotic romance, erotica. I also write some non-fiction.

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Sex, Love



Sex, Love &

Kaylani Sayer worked hard, many times working 2, 3 jobs at once to open her recording studio. With diligence and hard work, she made a name for herself as one of the top recording artist and studio.

That’s where she met Levi Mathews, AKA-Sid Ripley and his band Chaos. He came to SoothSayer Recording studio’s to get Kaylani’s expertise to record his first CD.

Sweeping her off her feet, making her fall head over heels for his good looks and charm. They became an item from the first night spent together in a passionate sexual encounter. Their whirlwind romance ended up with a marriage proposal, that she accepted without a second thought.

After meeting his twin brother, Lucas, and family, she started to question Levi’s intentions, and mayhem ensued.

Read this story of Love, Sex, and Betrayal, with plenty of twists, turns, and sexual desire. 

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The Incarnate -
Through Her Wrath, She Created A Monster

The Incarnate – Through Her Wrath, She Created A Monster

What happens when you’re full of so much rage you fantasize about their demise? If you put all your energy into it, and dwell on it, night and day with every thought, meditation and dream. Can you make it come true?

Find out in this psychological horror story, where bad meets worst. Full of rage, revenge, betrayal, with plenty of twists and turns.

Crossing The Darkside - 9 Twisted Tales

Crossing The Dark Side - 9 Twisted Tales

Crossing The Dark Side
9 Twisted Tales.

Come and cross the dark side with these 9 twisted tales. From ghosts, tricky genie’s, the cursed, creepy little dolls, and even the devil himself. These twisted tales will stay with you, and may even creep into your dreams…
Follow Claire to the haunted forest, How will this trip change her life forever? Find out what happens to Kevin, in his terrifying ordeal. Does he get what he deserves? Follow all 9 characters as they cross the dark side.

Dominating Kayla

Dominating Kayla

Ranch owner Brent Jackson longs for a soul mate willing to obey him as an alpha male – submissive relationship. But he still holds on to the heartbreak of betrayal of his ex-fiance and ranch manager. How can he let go of the pain of his past to hold on to the love of his future?

Cosmetologist Kayla Barnes dreams of finding the love of her life, and alpha male, and opening her own styling salon. But her feisty attitude, her friend with benefits, and her controlling father stand in the way. How can she overcome and make all her dreams come true?

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